Multi-Way Necklace

  • $90.00

This long chain necklace measures 36" and has a two clasps, one on either end, which offers you the opportunity to wear the necklace in multiple ways. There are endless variations, but here are a few; wear it as a long chain necklace and it will reach your bellybutton, or loop it twice around your neck and wear it short, connect the clasp on only one end and wear it as a Y necklace, loop it through itself and wear it as a lariat, wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet, or depending on your build, you can wear it as a belt. You can connect the clasp to any chain link or to the second clasp itself, making this the ultimate necklace/bracelet/belt! 

Its available in gold, silver, or gunmetal plated and is ready to ship today!