Employing traditional metalsmithing techniques such as lost wax casting, soldering using an acetylene torch, chasing and repoussè, hand beading, wire wrapping, and stone setting, Molly Rose Post has created this collection of jewelry which is inspired by outer space, fantasy, and science fiction. Using sterling silver, brass, copper, and precious and semi precious stones and beads in her designs she creates luxurious jewelry, which is entirely handmade in her Philadelphia Studio. 

Need a vacation from your ho-hum everyday jewelry? Let Molly Rose Post bring the ultra-glamourous gypsy luxe look to you!


 I believe that beauty is healing. Objects of beauty and access to beauty is not only an expression of the uniquely human, but a way to be a part of the harmony, radiance, and wholeness of nature. The unique creations of beauty in art can find the universal in the particular.

 My interest in diversity, coexistence, and interdependence- concepts present in the influences on my work of African, Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern art forms and jewelry types has influenced what my creations express with the formal language of modernity but with an eye to these timeless unities. Each piece represents a unique investigation of how wholeness, diversity, beauty, the shaping of craft, the influence of materials and culture, combine to create an unfolding appreciation in the moment allowing the form to stand alone, reflect the universal, and serve to further the dialogue between possibility, the prolific, and the perfection of form. 

With inspiration from both high art and costume jewelry, with a baroque and almost overdone excessiveness, drawing upon the supreme craftsmanship of Native American jewelry, I have combined fused glass, a variety of stones and metal, in cohesive suites of jewelry. Each piece in the collection is made from a diverse combination of materials and techniques. That they can be worn as single units or as suites, separately or together, reflects the themes of universality and particularity. 

Each person is diverse, with differing backgrounds, histories, and upbringings, and with different points of view. But we can co-exist, expressing both the universal and the particular. It is our potential to respond that the experience of art becomes personally meaningful. It is the perceptual basis of the inner response of accord, aesthetic appreciation of beauty, or experience of the sublime that feeds the heart, and evokes passion and intensity in the aesthetic experience.

This group of pieces is typified by a lack of simplification and an elaboration of ornamentation, texture, color, nostalgic influence, detail, sentiment, reminiscence, multiplicity as between rough/smooth, dark/light, big/small, inside/outside, front/back, left/right etc. Anti-minimalist leanings are expressed in the appreciation of old things, a concern for vintage and valence, galaxies of color, variations in shape and size, attention to detail, and a concern to relate mastery of technique and artistic production to my personal development and the shaping of myself as the face of my line, the ongoing culmination of immersing self in art.




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